How to motivate employees through empathy

How to Motivate Employees through the Power of Empathy

If there’s something you remember about any good teacher you’ve ever had, it’s likely that they were really good at communicating with a group...
strategies for success for self-employed entrepreneurs

4 Strategies for Success for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business is no small challenge. Stepping into a world where you get to work on your own terms can be as stressful...
Working through beginnings as a struggling artist

How I’m Working Through My Beginnings as a Creative Professional

This isn’t a success story. It’s about success in progress. I work in the creative field. You know, the one that’s notorious for being...
The 4 most effective time management strategies for freelancers to find work-life balance

4 Effective Time Management Strategies for Freelancers

Time management is a challenge that everyone faces, but freelancers have a unique set of problems. Not only are we juggling several clients and...
build your personal brand

Why Personal Branding is Essential for Growing Your Business

Building a personal brand is an essential part of marketing and developing your business. It is the image that you showcase to the world....
professional and welcoming design for your office or workspace

What Your Workspace Design Says About You

In my last article, I talked about the importance of designing a workspace that works for you above all. Once an office or space...
Work-life balance is out, harmony is in

Work-life Balance is Out, It’s All About Work-Life Harmony

We’ve all heard how important it is to achieve "work-life balance." The ubiquitous piece of advice starts with the idea that we are all...