How to develop traits of confident people

How to Develop the 3 Key Traits of Confident People

The belief in one's ability to achieve things is the key trait that separates confident people from those who lack this confidence. People who...
Here are 3 strategies to stop overthinking and start living

3 Strategies to Stop Overthinking and Start Living

Happy people don't overthink things. They decide to stick with something and go with it, for better or for worse. The people that we aspire to,...

Adam Savage: Mistakes Happen

Know That - Adam Savage MythBusters' Adam Savage explains how it's completely acceptable to continuously make mistakes before finally succeeding in creating something great. Transcript: "When I...
How To Find Your Passion

How To Find Your Passion

For years I was doing something that I wasn't passionate about. I thought that money was a more important factor in life than the...
don't be afraid to make mistakes

How to Overcome Your Fears

How can you overcome your fears? It’s a question we all ask at certain times. Is there some magic pill out there to help us transform...
Georges St-Pierre training in ring with gloves epic

Dealing with Bullying, the Georges St-Pierre way

Georges St-Pierre, the former UFC Welterweight Champion, is a role model to many. When you see his fights, it is hard to imagine that...
Muhammad Ali Quote I am the Greatest Even Before I Knew I Was

I Am The Greatest: Lessons From Muhammad Ali’s Success

Usain Bolt’s speed, Michael Jordan’s jump or Muhammad Ali’s dominance. What makes these athletes rise above the fold and push the limits of human...