Thordis Elva - I Forgave My Rapist and Found Peacevideo

Thordis Elva: I Forgave My Rapist and Found Peace

Thordis Elva - Together Thordis Elva shares her traumatic experience with rape in the company of her assaulter, and explains how forgiving her rapist was essential for...
Martin Luther King Jr. - Keep Movingvideo

Martin Luther King Jr.: The Most Important Time of Your Life

Martin Luther King Jr.: Keep Moving Martin Luther King Jr. gives an inspiring speech about designing your life's blueprint, and reminds us that whatever you do,...

It Is Possible – Howard Shultz (CEO of Starbucks)

Howard Shultz - Dream Big Dreams Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) inspires us to dream big dreams and ignore the naysayers. Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel Music:...

Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Life – Joe Rogan

Back Up And Try Again - Joe Rogan (Motivational Video) Inspiring Speech by Joe Rogan that should guide you to get passed the problems you...

CM Punk’s Motivational Speech After Losing In His First UFC Fight

CM Punk - Get Back Up Video "The outcome isn’t always what you desire it to be." - CM Punk after his UFC loss

Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten (Motivational Video)

An epic motivational video featuring speeches from Les Brown, Eric Thomas Transcript: "I got a simple simple simple question for you. Here is the question -...

When It Hurts (Motivational Video)

When It Hurts (Motivational Video) Moving Motivational Video that will encourage you to push through the hard times. Created by Basquiat Picasso. Speakers in order: Quentin Tarantino William Hollis Tony...