Gearing up for the video release of his newest hit, “God’s Plan,” Drake has spent the past few days going on a six-figure spending spree. The twist? He isn’t using the money to pay for lavish sets and luxury car-shining services. He’s surprising unsuspecting strangers with donations.

Drake kicked off his philanthropic initiatives on Monday, with a $25,000 donation to Miami Senior High School, as well new designer uniforms for students, according to E!News. The rapper then gave University of Miami student Destiny James the surprise of a lifetime by giving her a $50,000 scholarship. Originally from Denmark, SC, Destiny applied for several scholarships last year. Her application essay made its way to Drizzy himself, who decided to take action.


Tuesday saw Drake surprise a supermarket full of shoppers by paying for their groceries. The music icon walked into Sabor Tropical Supermarket in the afternoon and announced he’d be picking up the tab for everyone’s shopping, ringing up a check of about $50,000. Afterwards, he headed to the Overton Community Center, where he personally delivered a children’s transportation van.

Mid-week, Drake dropped by the Lotus House Shelter to drop off a $50,000 check. Lotus House is Miami’s only homeless shelter for women and children, and Drake’s donation will go toward’s the shelter’s much-needed 500-bed new facility. Drake also gave out $150 Target gift cards to 130 women staying at Lotus House, while 140 kids got brand-new toys, according to TMZ.

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