20+ Times Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Got Way Too Real About Living with Mental Health Issues

Praised for providing one of the most accurate and compassionate portrayals of living with mental health issues, The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is breaking the the stigma of mental illness one episode at a time.

Photo Credit: Eddy Chen/The CW

The show’s dark jokes about everyday struggles like changing your sheets, eating right and the anxiety attacks caused by one unanswered text resonate with countless viewers and teach important lessons about living with a mental health disorder.

Mental health issues can come with a lot of self-doubt and fear of the future

There’s no black and white solution



Romantic relationships may fuel underlying issues

Self-care is more than making yourself look good for others

When things fall apart, professional help may be needed

Social media can be particularly unhealthy

The crippling power of procrastination

Pay attention to your emotions and find their source


Addiction may be part of the problem

Looks may be deceiving

Sometimes a quiet night in is the best gift you can give yourself



Self-loathing spirals are real and never pretty…

… and neither is depression, despite what movies tell you

Your mental health may become a matter of life and death


Toxic relationships with parents may contribute

But you need to take responsibility for your own bad behavior too

Don’t point fingers

Accept the messiness of life

Learn to say no



Getting the right diagnosis is crucial, but it’s just the beginning

Cheer for yourself



Believe in your journey

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