No, Sir Richard Branson‘s key to happiness and success isn’t to chill with a coconut on his private island – though, that’s certainly part of it. The billionaire entrepreneur believes you need to unplug.

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To celebrate the National Day of Unplugging on March 10, Branson joined thousands of others by turning off his cell phone and staying away from his computer. Branson’s team at joined him as they refused to blog, post or even look at social media for a full 24 hours, CNBC reports.

Branson said in a recent blog post that “being constantly glued to your phone can have a big impact on your relationships.”

While I love technology and social media, a text or a tweet can never replace the real value of conversation.

Don’t skip the important moments

Branson has a million things to worry about, but during meetings, he focuses by simply listening and taking notes.

At home, there aren’t any TV dinners. Instead, he catches up with family the old fashioned way, but chatting at the dinner table.

It’s all too easy to miss out on the important moments in life because you’re too busy staring at your phone.

Find a hobby

Ditching your phone doesn’t mean you need to stare at a wall for hours on end. Branson says hobbies are key for maintaining your own happiness, especially if they involve going outdoors.

If you’re finding it hard to be in the moment because you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to take a break to recharge. We all need time to rest.

Branson, who took Barack Obama kitesurfing on his private island last year, likes to hike, cycle and do water sports. But even walking your dog can help you feel “connected to nature and re-energized.”

It’s all too easy to miss out on the important moments in life because you’re too busy staring at your phone… We need to remember that we are the masters of technology, it is not the master of us.

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