Dreams can tell us a lot about what’s going on within us.

Worries of what’s to come, the fear that we won’t be able to perform at our new job or that we’ll lose our partner, hatred for our ex or someone close to us, and a message of unhappiness or feeling of being out of place that keeps tugging at us are all things we can experience in our dreams.

Dreams are valuable because we’re often completely unaware of what’s going on deep within our mind.

For instance, you might like your job but know, deep down– almost subconsciously– that you’re not really fulfilled in what you’re doing. You might have a dream regularly, especially when you’re most unsatisfied, about traveling the world.

It may just appear to be a good dream at first. However, over time you might notice recurring themes such as jumping from your desk and running out of the office, your boss floating by saying the same thing he always says when he asks you to take work home for the weekend (“Don’t let me down, Smith!”), or your workplace exploding.

Clearly, your dreams are telling you something– and you should listen closely.

But what about when your teeth are visibly falling out of your mouth when you’re dreaming? What on Earth does that mean? And is it at all significant?

Turns out, it is.

What does it mean when you dream your teeth are falling out?

Sometimes, you can discern real messages from your dreams without much effort, like the fact that you’re unhappy with your job and deeply desire to travel the world.

Other times, your dreams appear random and indecipherable.

One common reverie is to dream that your teeth are falling out. On the surface, it could appear to just be some freak nightmare (super freaky). However, it turns out that dreaming of your teeth falling out is an eerily universal experience that can point to several different things.

So, what does it mean when you dream your teeth are falling out? There are a few possibilities, but they all center around the same general idea: losing something.

1. You feel you’re losing control

If you’re dreaming of your teeth falling out, it might be because you feel like you’re losing control.

This could come in the form of career failure, a job loss, or your kids becoming teens and starting to venture out on their own. All of these things, and much more, can make you feel like you’re losing control of your surroundings.

2. You fear the loss of something you own or care about

Not to be confused with a loss of control, if you’re afraid of losing something more concrete, such as your money or children, you might dream of your teeth falling out as well.

An intense fear of loss often manifests itself in the form of dreams for some reason (I’ve experienced this myself with the fear of losing my kids to freak accidents).

That’s likely because that tends to be an unconscious worry, or a thought that’s pushed to your subconscious by the brain in an effort to function properly in daily life, although no one knows for sure.

3. You’re stressed about growing old or losing your edge

Another possibility if you’re dreaming that your teeth are falling out, is that you feel like you’re losing your edge, whether due to a decline in age, health, or some other circumstance.

Professionals who work their whole life to be the best at what they do usually have a difficult time adjusting once they retire (which, in the case of athletes, is often quite young).

When that happens, they’re having to adjust to the fact that they’re no longer relevant as it relates to their passion. What they’re losing is their sense of self-worth, in a very real sense.

Similarly, this could also be the fear of growing old and losing your edge in general, with all that comes from the aging process (after all, the fear of the death is the most prominent of all).

In every case, it’s important to heed these warnings as valuable knowledge of what’s going on within you. If you can do that, you can use that information to adapt to the situation more skillfully.