While you may want to spoil your friends and family – which we get, they’re special to you and they deserve the best – sometimes it’s best to get them a gift that will make their everyday lives just a little easier.

A present does not have to look to all flash and grandeur to resonate with the recipient: a sweet, simple gift that will better their everyday lives is always appreciated.Whether it’s a slow cooker that dramatically reduces the time spent slaving over a stove, or an alarm clock that will boost the quality of sleep they get every night, sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the sweetest.

Yes, these practical gifts can seem basic in essence, but they will make their lives so much easier. Think gifts of convenience, like the Tile that will track your lost keys down in seconds, to items that will make a tidbit of your everyday a little more luxurious, like Hyperchiller’s at-home iced coffees. While these aren’t over-the-top gifts, they will be much appreciated.

Realistically, everyone wants to make their lives a little in some way. Below, we’ve detailed our favorite useful gifts that they will help them save time and money by simplifying their everyday routines. Take note yourself, and be sure to drop a few hints next time you know someone is shopping for you.

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The Five-Minute Journal

Using the power of positive psychology, this journal pushes you to focus your attention on the happy highs of your day through a series of prompts that push you to cultivate your gratitude. Since it really does only take five minutes, start off your morning by journaling to get yourself in the mindset to tackle the day, or use it to unwind post-long day.
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The Alchemist


There is a reason Paulo Coelho’s formative tale has become one of the best selling books of all time. The Alchemist tracks the tale of Santiago, a shepherd boy, as he follows a vision on a quest to find a supposed buried treasure in the midst of the Egyptian desert. It’s as much a story about adventure as it is a fable: each person Santiago meets teaches him an important lesson, from the fragility of life to how to truly follow your passion.
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Philips Wake Up Light

Morning person or not, the thought of getting out of bed during those few minutes of consciousness is never appealing. Philips’ Wake-Up Light-alarm clock hybrid is designed to make your wake-up as painless as possible and which will in turn, leave you rejuvenated and ready for the day. As you wake-up, the Wake-Up Light simulates the sunrise, slowly filling your room with warm light. As you head to sleep, you can opt to have the alarm mimic the sunrise by slowly dimming the lights and filling your room with cool tones. The more gradual wake-up is proven to give you a more restful sleep and a more energized start to your day.
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Misplacing things, if even for a second, can put a lot of unwanted stress on your day. Tile aims to take away that stress by making your belongings easily locatable, no matter what corner of your home they’re hidden away in. Add the slim Tile square to your keys, slip it into your wallet, or whatever else you lose the most, and via the Tile app on your phone, you can use BlueTooth to locate it. Lose your phone? Press the button on the Tile and it will put out an alarm to help you find it.
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Amazon Echo


Amazon’s answer to Siri, the Echo Dot is basically your own personal PA (sans the sky-high salary). With a few simple voice commands, the smart speaker can call an Uber, switch up your playlist, or find out the weather outside and adjust your thermostat accordingly. Thanks to the Bluetooth compatibility, Echo can connect with your phone to call your friends or family or synchronize with your favorite apps, from Headspace’s meditations to Duolingo’s language practice.
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Hand Steamer


Setting up an ironing board and heating up the iron, can be a lot of effort for a few stubborn wrinkles, and if you’re a frequent flyer, carting an old school ironing board with you is completely out of the question. Though it’s tiny enough to pack in a carry-on, this easily-portable two-in-one steamer and iron is powerful enough to tackle wrinkles of any size. It heats up and is ready to use within 60 seconds and when you’re done, it slips right into a protective carrying sleeve.
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Sleep Sound Machine


Battling sleep problems can procure no easy solution: maybe it’s too much caffeine, maybe you’re stressed, maybe the noise of the traffic outside is sneaking in your window. Whatever the problem, a soothing sleep machine can help lull you to relaxation and leave you waking up more relaxed. This sound machine offers up ten nature-inflicted sounds, from soothing rainfall to a summer evening to just plain white noise. Leave the sound running all evening, or set it on an interval of 15, 30, or 60 minutes to save energy.
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Instant Pot


Rice, porridge, chili, stew, lasagna, soup, pulled pork, cheesecake: if you haven’t been introduced to an Instant Pot, it’s about time. Acting as 7 different appliances in one, an Instant Pot is designed to reduce the time you spend cooking by reducing clutter, and relieving the stress of cooking a healthy meal by offering up a quick route to low-hassle, easy-to-make dinners. An instant pot can help beginner cooks make easy stews and bakes, while the more experienced chef will be inspired to make everything from cakes and bread to pho.
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So your cold brew addiction is starting to add up. What do you do? Meet the Hyperchiller, the quickest way to get cafe-quality cold brew not only from the comfort of your own home but at a fraction of the cost. Whether you brew with a Bialetta, a pour-over or a Keurig, pour your freshly brewed hot coffee into the Hyperchiller and the Hyperchiller will chill your coffee down to icy temperatures with absolutely no dilution. Not only will it upgrade your morning brew, but it can also chill down a room temperature bottle of white wine with ease.
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Mophie Portable Battery


Watching your battery diminish to under 5% when you know there are no chargers to be found nearby can leave your heart racing. Mophie’s portable battery pack allows you to take your charge to go; by plugging into the portable battery you can revive your phone to full charge a maximum of four times. The Mophie can also charge other devices – think tablets, e-readers, cameras, and more, via USB port.
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Adhesive Credit Card Wallet


For the friend who always seems to have their favorite belongings slip from their sights, an adhesive card wallet will keep all their necessities in one place. Making it easier to keep track of credit cards, IDs, card keys and the like, the sticker leather wallet attaches to the back of a smartphone for easy access when you’re on the go. This means no digging through bulky wallets or purses to find the card you need: the super-strong wallet keeps everything right at your fingertips.
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The North Face e-Tip Gloves


Have you ever attempted to answer emails outside in the dead of winter? Whether you’re trying to type with your gloves on or if you go the route of taking off your gloves and typing as fast as humanly possible, neither option is a winner. The North Face’s e-tip gloves are designed for the winter warrior. Made with stretch fleece and outfitted with E-tip functionality and full palm conductivity, the gloves allow you to stay connected in cool conditions.
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To get you through long commutes, never-ending plane rides, or just the list of books you’ve been meaning to read, meet Kindle’s newest e-reader. Sitting just under 6 inches, the e-reader can hold thousands of books, and an extended battery can last up to four weeks on one charge. It’s light, compact enough to slip into any bag, and the non-glare reading surface and clear fonts will make it easy to get caught up in your book. The new 100%-wireless compatibility means you don’t need to break out a million cords to download new books.
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Portable Juicer


It’s 2018 and creating your own smoothies and juicers at home has never been easier. Not only does this handy blender make at-home smoothie accessible, but it’s lightweight and portable so you bring your juicer wherever you go. Give it three hours of charge, and the blender will run wirelessly, meaning whether you’re camping, traveling, or just at your desk at work, you have the capability to whip up a fresh cup of juice. Six stainless steel blades in a variety of shapes will quickly pulverize whatever fruits or veggies you favor.
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Mini Crock Pot

Speaking of portable, this Mini Crock Pot is designed to upgrade the quality of your lunch. Never again will you be reduced to a meager salad: a mini crock pot allows you to warm up your leftovers or lunches without sacrificing any flavor. Simply unwind the crock pot, plug it in, and the crock pot will heat up meals with ease. Once your done, wrap it up, place it in your bag, and place it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
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Affirmation Cards


Self-help books can be a little, well, self-help-y. Crafted by comedian Suzi Barrett, this set of Affirmation Cards is designed to appeal to the pessimist in all of us. Case and point, this too-real quote on gratitude: “Even when the big things suck, there are always plenty of little things I can be at least a little grateful for”. Finished with heartwarming illustrations by Naomi Sloman, these cards are designed to bring a little cheer to anyone in need.
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