There’s no underestimating the value of a talent for public speaking. It’s not just leading meetings and teaching classes where this skill is useful, it’s contributing to those meetings and speaking up in class. It’s the foundational skill that let’s all your knowledge, expertise and experience really shine. If your public speaking skills are slack, you’re denying your chance to really make a difference in the world. Put that to an end with The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course.

This deal is lifetime access to a course teaching you how to identify an audience, begin a speech with an end-goal in mind, cover what needs to be included, make slides with 10 popular presentation products, and master your body language and delivery. On top of that, it offers slide templates and speech guides to make sure you don’t forget anything simple and key, and that your delivery and focus is top-notch. This course is everything you need to go from someone who knows how to string a sentence together to a confident, commanding, impressive presence.

And how do we know this advice is any good? Simple: These 206 lectures, spread out of 16 hours of content, are led by Chris Haroun — an award-winning business school professor and venture capitalist who has raised and managed over a billion dollars over his career. He’s managed hedge funds, consulting firms, and an investment firm that got in early on Facebook. He’s written books, magazine articles, he’s even founded several companies, including the one that puts out this advice. Simply put, the guy knows how to network and make an impression, and he’s taken all these skills and distilled them into a straightforward class that will make a quick and big difference in your professional life.

The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course is available right now for just $11.99 — 94% off the normal $200 price.