Money is like public transit: everybody has to use it, but few people really enjoy it. The problem is that not knowing about money can lead to making bad decisions about money, which leads to the pretty-high-likelihood that you’re going to end up in some money trouble. Luckily, The Complete Personal Finance Course is here to help you out.

The course teaches you three skills that seem simple, and yet most people find themselves struggling with: saving money, protecting money, and making money. You’ll learn how to manage and grow your savings with a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet containing more than 25 exercises to break bad habits and set you down the path toward greater financial security and independence.

These 104 lectures spread over 12.5 hours of content will help you analyze and decrease your expenses, teach you 100 ways to save money, walk you through the frustrating reality of tax filing, budgeting and investing, improve your credit score, and even explore the strange and mysterious secrets behind wills, trusts, estate planning, and mortgages. Insurance? It’s got that covered too. If it involves the green wads of paper in your pocket, you can guarantee the Complete Personal Finance Course will tell you how to do it better.

And you know you can trust this information because it comes from Chris Haroun, an award-winning business school professor and venture capitalist who graduated from Colombia University and has raised and managed over a billion dollars during his career. This guy knows how to look at a ten-digit bank account and not even blink. This is a lifetime of skill-building we’re talking about, and he’s got basically every credit you’d want in someone giving you financial advice.

A lifetime subscription to this Complete Personal Finance Course is normally $199.99, but you can pick yours up right now for just $11.99.