Some say that most businesses fail because they don’t have a good website, or customer service, or proper execution of their product. But the truth is that most businesses fail because they never get started. If you want to see your big idea succeed, you need to stop procrastinating and make it happen, which is where your lifetime subscription to BizPlan comes in.

BizPlan is a step-by-step business builder that divides all the tasks you need to do into bite-sized pieces so you can stay focused and accomplish less in more time. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it an intuitive program to learn, and the collaboration tools make it easy to keep your team informed no matter how big it grows. Basically, it provides guidance: not only for those first few crucial steps that get your business off the ground but for several of the steps afterward. In all likelihood, you’ll still be using BizPlan years from now, when your “small business” idea is really up and running.

The powerful programs built into this subscription contain everything you need to get going, including templates for your business plan, team salary forecasts, integration with popular tools like Xero and QuickBooks, and the ability to share your plan online and collaborate with investors and stakeholders. Imagine it: all your finances, your network of employees and collaborators, and your long-term vision for your business contained in one intuitive program. You’ll stop procrastinating not out of some burst of motivation or inspiration, but because Bizplan made starting your project so much easier. No more sitting around, blue-skying about what you will do one day when you have the time — it’ll all fall into place shortly after you log into BizPlan, and hey, maybe you’ll even have fun with it.

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