The holidays are an important time to reconnect with family and remember what’s really important in your life. And once you’re done with all that, it’s time to get back to work, because you’ll realize what’s really important in your life is accomplishing your goals and staying connected to the big picture. So with that in mind, here are five things you can do this holiday season to make sure you stay on task, on target, and focused on your future.

1. Read


Reading is the kind of secret treat that people forget about. It’s easy to get distracted with computers, cell phones, and TV, but we can guarantee that ten minutes after sitting down with an actual book, you’ll be wondering why you don’t do it more often. That’s why this deal on a Scribd subscription is so great: it provides an unlimited number of books, audiobooks, magazines and more that you can access on your Android, iPhone, or Kindle. A one-year subscription is normally $107.88 but can be yours right now for just $94.99.

2. Build a Personal Brand Site or Take Steps to Create a Site For Your Side Gig

The internet is real life now, and you can’t run a business (not even a small one!) without something of an online presence. But how to get started? You could hire some intern who says they know a lot about Instagram… or you could pick up this lifetime subscription to Obior, the service that provides you with everything you need to know to start and host a website using as much or as little technical expertise as you have available. Their templates are gorgeous, their SEO and cybersecurity are automatic, and the deal is just right. Normally $899, you can pick up  a lifetime subscription to this incredible service right now for just $24.00 with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.

3. Learn a Second Language


Always wanted to speak a new tongue, but never had the time? The hardest part is getting started, and the holidays are a perfect time to dive into those difficult first steps. Mondly is the language teaching program that uses start-of-the-art speech recognition software to identify what mistakes you’re making and help you improve, fast. With 33 languages to choose from, you’re all but guaranteed to find the option you want. Normally $239.95, we can offer you a lifetime subscription in whatever language you choose for just $32.00 with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.

4. Learn to Code

Many people never learn to code, even though even a rudimentary understanding of any coding language can land you tons of cool and exciting jobs. C++ is one of the most important of these, and this complete Learn to Code Masterclass Bundle can get you started, with 42 lectures and tons of basic programming information to give you that jumpstart you need. And for this special holiday deal, the $239.95 price tag has been temporarily reduced to just $31.20 with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.

5. Start a Podcast

Podcasting is fun, cheap, and a great way to promote your business or brand. But how do you get started? The Podcast 101 Bundle is here to walk you through the entire process, from buying the right equipment to editing your recordings to properly promoting it online. And it’s one of the best deals on this list since its $1,990 price tag has been reduced to $23.20 with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.