There are a lot of great things about the holidays: the lights, the smell of fresh Christmas trees, good ol’ holiday music, and gifts galore.

Oh, and let’s not forget the movies.

The holidays are a cinematic staple with everything from A Christmas Story to Elf being some of the most memorable classics in film history.

And with the perfect mix of holiday classics and brand new exclusives, Netflix has the best collection of holiday movies you could ever hope for.

Here are ten of the most emotionally impactful holiday movies to watch on Netflix.

1. The Christmas Chronicles

I watched this last week and I’ve got to say, this is one of my new favorite holiday movies.

Going into it I wasn’t aware that Kurt Russell played Santa Claus in the movie. Boy was I surprised to see Snake himself once again liberating L.A., err saving Christmas with two kids on the verge of losing their Christmas spirit.

Seriously though, #KurtRussellCoolestSantaEver.

2. Love Actually

Love Actually has everything you’d want in a holiday movie. And it caps it all off with a lesson on the most important part of the holidays: love.

Plus it’s got Liam Neeson, which means it’s an instant masterpiece. Oh, it’s also got Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson, and the later Alan Rickman (the list goes on).

3. A Very Murray Christmas

Okay, we’re cheating here a little, but we couldn’t snub Billy Murray. I heard if you call his name three times while standing in front of your bathroom mirror he’ll magically appear on your doorstep.

Anyway… A Very Murray Christmas is the perfect Christmas special, filled with laughs, drama, and a whole lot of star power from George Clooney to Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, and many more.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I imagine people probably winced at the idea of a live-action Grinch movie when it was first announced. After all, the classic animated version based on Dr. Seuss’ original story was so good, how could you top it?

Well, they didn’t necessarily top it but they made something equally awesome in all the right ways. Jim Carrey kills it, a must watch.

5. Bad Santa

If you’re not into somewhat raunchy, inappropriate movies, skip this. Otherwise, Bad Santa is a riot and a welcomed change of pace from the mostly heartwarming, PG-13 flicks that litter holiday film collections.

There’s a ton of chaos and ridiculousness as Willie and his partner set out to rip off malls on Christmas Eve. You’ll never look at mall Santas the same again. But it’s hilarious.

6. The Christmas Candle

The Christmas Candle is an interesting story about a pastor who attempts to dispose of a special candle that grants miracles. However, when it disappears, things get turned upside down and make for one memorable Christmas. It has a classic holiday lesson wrapped in a unique premise and unfolds in a way that’s unexpected.

7. How Sarah Got Her Wings

What would you do if you had twelve days left on Earth…as an angel? That’s where Sarah finds herself in this otherworldly holiday film.

The catch is she has twelve days left as an angel in training. And she has to do enough good deeds within that time to gain a spot in, well, heaven. Another interesting holiday flick that hits all the right notes while doing it in a refreshing way.

8. The Christmas Project

The Christmas Project is a family comedy about grade school, bullies, and first-loves. It’s another all-around film that can please pretty much anyone, making it one of the best new holiday films for families.

Did we mention it’s set in the ’80s? Major points there.

9. The Holiday Calendar

A Netflix exclusive about a strange and magical calendar that appears to predict the future is inherited by a struggling photographer.

What do you do with such mind-blowing power? Look for love, of course.

10. A Christmas Prince

Another Netflix exclusive, A Christmas Prince will take you on a journey through an enchanting love story with a reporter who goes undercover to get the scoop on a real-life prince.

However, things get turned upside down when she starts to fall for a certain someone and her cover gets thrown into question. If you like romantic fairy tales, this is the perfect holiday movie for you.