Say you get nervous in front of crowds. Instead of tackling this issue head-on, you simply build your life around never having to do public speaking. Which is easy enough — lots of jobs involve working in front of computers or behind desks with no large groups around you, and you’ve managed to carve out a pretty good niche for yourself. Until all of the sudden that all changes, and you find yourself in a position where you have to make a speech, accept an award, or simply give a bigger presentation than you wanted. What can you do?

Well, while there’s no substitute for a lifetime of building public speaking skills, there is a shortcut to feeling comfortable with all those eyes on you, and it’s called The Heroic Public Speaking Class.

New York Times bestselling business author Michael Port and actress Amy Port take you through the skills you need to learn to be engaging, persuading, and inspiring through just 10.5 hours of content and 23 lessons. And you’ll learn how to get your audience’s attention by incorporating cliff-hangers and using humor.

Heroic Public Speaking is a $49 class, but we can offer it right now at a 61% discount for just $19. A pretty good deal, considering the amount of fear and stress it could save you from.