Everybody says they want to read more, and most of them actually do, but the hard reality is that reading is time-consuming. These days, we’re busier than we’ve ever been, so we have to maximize our recreation time with things that stimulate our minds, right? Netflix, video games, cross-fit, hot yoga — you need to maximize the effectiveness of your time, and reading just can’t do that… right?

Well, if you’re worried about time, it turns out that highly effective speed reading courses do exist, and they can have you reading more books than you ever thought possible in less time than you think. And implementing those techniques won’t detract from any of the scientifically proven benefits to reading. Benefits like:

Reading Reduces Stress

Reading doesn’t just calm you down, it calms you down better than exercise, listening to music, or relaxing with a cup of tea, according to a study by Cognitive Psychologist Dr. David Lewis. Just six minutes spent reading can reduce your stress levels by a third, which takes pressure off your heart and circulatory system and can prolong your life.

Reading Can Prevent Alzheimer’s

If you value your mind, reading is a great choice for recreation. Not just because all the most valuable lessons in life are taught not in class or at work but in books, but because reading regularly can reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. Mentally stimulating tasks like reading a book or writing a letter actually exercise the parts of your brain that indicate how strong your memory will be in later life. So develop those reading habits early, and learn to make the best of them, and you’ll be sharp as a tack way into the future.

Boosting Happiness and Overall Life Satisfaction

People who read a lot aren’t just happier because they get to say things like “yeah, I read a lot.” They’re happier because, according to studies, books provide more complex images of other people’s lives, and therefore more angles from which to view your own life. That can help you keep more of an even keel and understand your options. Basically, books give you a clearer image of life and help you keep perspective — which makes you happier.

Reading Books (Especially Fiction) Increases Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

One of the great secrets of adult life is that the most important things you’ll ever learn don’t come from the office or even classrooms. It comes from diving deeply into a well-structured concept or idea in the way that only a book can provide. And the benefits just keep coming: Not only do books make you more emotionally intelligent, but they can help you live longer, increase your empathy, and even help you avoid dangerous situations. And it doesn’t even take that much time to get the benefits — it can be as little as three hours per week!

The best way to get a jump on all this reading and start reaping these rewards is with this speed reading class, which will teach you how to unlearn bad reading habits and learn the “The Double Time Solution,” which allows you to read twice as much in half the time. Completing the course in its entirety can teach you to read up to 300 books per year.

This $195 course is available now at 87% off, which brings its price to just $25. Which is a pretty good deal, considering all the health benefits it comes with.