Many people don’t realize that a job hunt is in itself a second job, and has all the same time, commitment, and skill requirements that any other professional position would demand. Unlike most jobs, job hunting, resume writing and LinkedIn profile creation don’t have trade schools. Unless, of course, you count this Resume Writing (CV) & LinkedIn Optimization Course.

There are three key elements that you need to use in your LinkedIn tagline, KPI secrets that you need to be monitoring to improve your job search, and tricks for turning your work history into a career arc story, and they can all be learned in this class. This comprehensive course, featuring 1.5 hours of content and SEO principles from LinkedIn and Google, can teach you all of them. You’ll also have full access to resume formats and the perfect length for your specific industry, and even get tips for making sure your resume doesn’t get caught by the bots.

This whole course has a retail price of $199, but you can get the complete Resume Writing & LinkedIn Profile Optimization course for just $9.99. That’s 94% off, not including the money you’ll save with your new, higher paying job.