The internet is full of counter-intuitive and overly-clever job tips. Stuff like saying that if you wear your hair a certain way, or match your shoes with the right hat, or use a certain kind of phrasing then you’ll hack your boss’s brain into giving you a promotion.

While those things sound cool and can maybe make a small difference, the truth is there’s nothing more important to your success than developing the basic skills you use every day. And it doesn’t matter the industry or level you work in: these five things will always be important, and you always have room to improve them. Check them out, and our recommendation for getting better.

1. Typing – Typesy Typing Trainer: Lifetime Subscription

It’s not enough to simply know your way around a keyboard —  the modern office demands your typing be fast and precise, and that’s exactly what the Typesy Typing Trainer can help you with. With 16 games and activities designed to eliminate weaknesses, and a personal typing coach, this subscription is sure to improve your typing. Best case scenario, it’ll make you a more natural, expressive writer — but at the very least, it’ll free up some time! Right now, Typesy Typing Trainer is available for just $19.99 (that’s 93% off the $290 retail price).

2. Microsoft Excel – The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle

Let’s be honest: Excel is the boring program in Microsoft Office. But it’s also not-so-secretly the most powerful one, and the 2019 Excel Bootcamp Bundle can teach you why. These 160 lectures will show you how to create beautiful charts and grafts by understanding the conditional formatting and popular formulas that make the program so useful. And right now, the Excel Bootcamp Bundle is available for just $39 (that’s 97% off the $1,725 retail price).

3. Public Speaking and Presenting – Powerful Communication Owns the Room with Bill Hoogterp

It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are: if you want to do your job competently, you need to be able to communicate confidently and effectively to a room full of peers and superiors. Your career simply doesn’t have room to accommodate stage fright.

That’s where Bil Hoogtorp’s training class can help. 31 HD video lessons will teach you how to read your audience and keep them engaged with skills that apply to everything from elevator pitches to business presentations. Powerful Communication Owns The Room is available right now for just $19.99 (that’s 79% off the $99.00 retail price)

4. Writing – WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant

Most people stop learning new writing skills in college, which is a shame because that barely scratches the surface of the craft’s potential. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is a “grammar checker, style checker and spell checker” that helps you hone the basic nuts and bolts of your writing while also encouraging you to stretch your capabilities. While nobody notices mediocre writing, everybody notices bad writing, and your boss is sure to notice great writing. This program can get you there.

Right now the WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is available for just $79 (that’s 80% off the $399.95 retail price).

5. Math – Essential Business Math

If you feel embarrassed by your lacking math skills, you’re not alone. But numbers and arithmetic are challenges we all have to face in the office sooner or later. 

The most important thing Essential Business Math does is focus on the business math, skipping over all the stuff that won’t be important and jumping right into the kinds of problems you need to solve in a real office environment. Right now, Essential Business Math is available for just $9.99 (that’s 97% off the normal $395 price tag).