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One hardworking housecleaner got the keys to a new life in a perfectly planned prank.

Just scrubbing by

Cara Simmons, a single mother of three from Cleveland, cleaned houses to provide for her family. According to her boss Mary Jo, the grind took its toll on her.

“Cara has struggled with financial concerns. [She was] always trying to make ends meet,” she recalled per the Daily Mail.

Things got so bad Simmons was hospitalized several times from exhaustion that caused mounting medical bills.

One special job

One day, Mary Jo called her with an urgent request: She would be visiting a very important client who lived in a four-bedroom house.

Little did Simmons know this was no ordinary client. In fact, it wasn’t a client at all.

Mary Jo, along with Simmons’ sister Glo Nicholson, had reached out to “Prank it Forward,” an organization whose mission is doing pranks for good. Together, they planned the surprise of a lifetime.

When Simmons arrived at the home, the client — an actress — told her that she had already cleaned the place. Instead, the housecleaner would enjoy a gourmet lobster dinner.

Oh, but the main course was about to be served.

The doorbell rang, and Simmons opened the door to a mover entering with boxes…filled with her possessions. When Simmons asked what was going on, the man replied that the items belonged to the homeowner.

He led a confused Simmons outside. That’s when “Prank it Forward” host Greg Benson presented her and her family with the keys to their new home.

“This is your home, you can stay here for your whole life, you can pass it down to your children, you can pass it down to your grandchildren, this is for you.”

Greg Benson of ‘Prank it Forward’

To top it off, she received an all-inclusive trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico to see the pyramids with her sister.

A stunned and teary-eyed Simmons hugged her three kids and thanked Benson.

Show appreciation to those you cherish

Sister Glo says she deserves it all.

“Cara is an amazing person, an amazing sister, she’s selfless, she works hard. She’d give you the shiRt off your back.”

– Glo Nicholson

Boss Mary Jo couldn’t agree more.

“She gives her all to her work and her family,” she added.

Arguably, those words are as profound as the surprise home. Cara is important, appreciated and loved both at work and at home. The best part about that message is that it’s free.

Whether you’re a boss like Mary Jo or a sibling like Glo, simply taking a moment to appreciate someone is one of the most precious gifts you can give.

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