How to stay present and embrace the journey to your dreams

How to Stay Present and Embrace the Journey to Your Dreams

Last week, I ran into an actor friend of mine who seemed discouraged about his future. I've seen this friend's work, and I can...
We Can Come Together, or We Fall Apart

We Can Come Together, or We Will Fall Apart

The air holds an ominous weight that seems to grow heavier, day after day. It crackles with febrility; at every news clip, every headline, every harrowing image...
What Rehab Taught Me About Forgiveness

4 Important Things Rehab Taught Me About Forgiveness

When I was first admitted into rehab in 2012, I quickly had to come to terms with a lot of brand new concepts that...
yoga benefits - mindfulness self-love and balance

What Yoga Taught Me About Myself, the World and Living Well

For decades, yoga has been gaining in popularity across the West, as more and more of us are finding in its benefits an antidote...
keep steady dont panic - calm amid storm

Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic

Don’t you hate it when people tell you to calm down? I don’t like it either. But having that steady demeanor can sometimes keep...

The Football that Taught Me to Overcome Fear

This is a story about the defining moment of my childhood as an immigrant kid in America, when an errant football broke my spirit,...
Adventure bucket list 2

Leap Past Your Limits: What’s on Your Adventure Bucket List?

I'm hurtling through the sky at maximum velocity. The wind is rushing by so quickly my cheeks flap. The feeling of free falling doesn't...