Woman using superpowers

Stop Being a Sidekick: How to Become the Hero of Your Own Story

When we read our favorite books, watch our favorite movies, see our favorite TV shows, we absolutely fall in love with the...

How to Celebrate Father’s Day — Without Your Dad

Fact: Father’s Day, Mother's Day, and really any other family-oriented celebration can be really challenging for those of us with less-than-idyllic family...

When Sarah Prout’s Fairy Tale Turned Into a Nightmare, She Chose Love Over Fear

Sarah Prout was 19 years old when she met the man she was going to marry. "I said...

Determined Man Loses 331 Pounds to Save His Heart After Health Scare

A health scare in 2016 inspired Mike Castadena to not only lose weight, but to get healthy mentally and physically too.
Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s Quotes for Believing in Yourself — and Your Dreams

One thing that Canadian megastar Jim Carrey is well-known for is his philosophy: Life is meant to be ad-libbed.

5 Life-Changing Books That Inspired LeBron James to Keep Winning

You know him from his master moves on the court among the top successful basketball players of all time. LeBron James not...

Inspiring Woman Loses 150 Pounds by Creating New Habits and Conquering Fear

Danielle Patera lost 150 pounds after she realized her weight was preventing her from living the kind of life she envisioned for...

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