Lou Holtz: We Had One Bedroom For The Whole Family

Lou Holtz - Trust. Commitment. Love. Lou Holtz uses his humour to give a speech about his philosophy and the simple life rules he uses...
How to Build and Sustain Daily Motivation

How to Sustain Daily Motivation for Your Long-term Goals

What motivates us to act? And if you could generate the daily motivation necessary to achieve your goals, how would your life be different? Motivation...

Thich Nhat Hanh: Anger is Necessary

Thích Nhất Hạnh - Transform Your Anger Thich Nhat Hanh gives an analogy of anger being like mud, since mud is necessary for the growth...
Work Addiction Is No Joke: It Can Be a Sign of Mental Illness

Work Addiction Is No Joke: It Could Be a Sign of Mental Illness

Being driven to succeed, working hard and setting aggressive goals for your career are all fantastic traits in a person. But for some people,...

Marilyn Monroe: Raped at 11 Years Old

Marilyn's Story The beautiful icon, Marilyn Monroe, was a victim of a lot of trauma growing up and she struggled throughout her whole life. 1 -...
Live with Courage and Make Your Mark

5 Key Steps to Live with Courage and Make Your Mark

Life puts you through a lot of challenges. From when you wake up every morning to when you go to bed every night, keeping...

Mel Robbins: Felt Like a Complete Failure

Mel Robbins - Outsmart Your Brain Mel Robbins opens up about her failures to Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory, she also speaks about how she...