Reboot Your Outlook On Life with These Classes On Building Happiness

The old adage is true: you simply can’t buy happiness. Longterm contentment and satisfaction with the self doesn’t fit in a jar, can’t be programmed onto a blue-ray disk, and won’t fit in a handbag. What you can buy, however, are strategies for achieving happiness that you can practice in your own free time as much as you want. And that’s what we’re offering with this special Habits of Happiness Bundle -- not a simple get-happy-quick scheme or a promise of immediate results, but tips, tricks and disciplines that’ll help you put your own life on a path toward something more satisfying.

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Overcome Fear and Become the Public Speaker You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Say you get nervous in front of crowds. Instead of tackling this issue head on, you simply build your life around never having to do public speaking. Which is easy enough -- lots of jobs involve working in front of computers or behind desks with no large groups around you, and you’ve managed to carve out a pretty nice life for yourself. Until all of the sudden that all changes, and you find yourself in a position where you have to make a speech, accept an award, or simply give a bigger presentation than you wanted. What can you do?

Stick to Your Healthier New Years’ Resolution With This Personalized Online-Gym Membership

As noble as new years resolutions are, the fact of the matter remains that most people don’t keep them. As successful as early January looks, most of us will have fallen back to our bad old habits come February, and by the time March and April roll around we’ll be pretending we never even made a resolution to begin with. Unless, of course, we set a real plan and stick to it -- maybe with the help of a Fitterclub Personal Training 5-Year Membership.

Learn to Become More Productive This New Year From These 5 Courses

Times are tough, and you gotta be tougher if you want to get ahead. It’s not enough to just do a job anymore -- you have to be a veritable wizard of productivity, slaying countless tasks with an efficiency that leaves lesser folk shocked and awed by your accomplishment. But if you find yourself spending more time being distracted than getting anything done, then this Productivity and Success Bundle is the deal for you. It contains four amazing masterclasses that will whip you into shape and turn you into the productive uber-mensch you’ve always, secretly, known you were capable of becoming.

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