12 Harriet Tubman Quotes to Help You Find the Leader Within

Harriet Tubman was a leading abolitionist who went on to become the most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad -- a network of secret...
Mother Teresa quote - Its about how much love you put into what you do that counts

Top 20 Most Inspiring Mother Teresa Quotes

Mother Teresa was an inspiration to countless millions for her lifelong devotion to the neediest and most vulnerable of the world. The selflessness and sacrifice...

Inspirational Quotes from Malcolm X on Life, Education Freedom and the Media

Quotes by Malcom X, one of the most influential African Americans in history. He was a charismatic human rights activist and an American Muslim minister.
Walt Disney quotes - Think, dream, believe and dare

Inspirational Quotes from Walt Disney About Life and Following Your Dreams

Inspirattional quotes from Walt Disney, the creator of Disney. Here are the best Walt Disney quotes to awaken the dreamer in you.

85 Powerful Quotes from Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan on Freedom, Leadership and the...

Powerful quotes from former U.S. President Ronald Reagan on freedom, leadership and the government.

16 Susan B. Anthony Quotes to Make You Treasure Your Independence

Susan Brownell Anthony was a notorious American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement. Anthony was...
Martin Luther King Jr. quotes - Keep Moving

20 Most Inspiring Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

There are few giants in history to match Martin Luther King Jr., and even fewer who had the power to move so...

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