Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Had to Break Up to Realize They Were Meant...

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's relationship may look conventional from the outside but the truth is, their beginning is far from your ordinary courtship.

Is Your Relationship Actually Real Or Are You Stuck In A Situationship?

What is the difference between a real relationship and a situationship? With the COVID-19 pandemic, the lines have been blurred for many and it's important to re-evaluate motivations and intentions.

Macaulay Culkin Was Fighting Major Trust Issues Before He Met Brenda Song

Macaulay Culkin was fighting major trust issues before meeting Brenda Song. The Home Alone star never thought he would find his soulmate in the most unlikely person.

Once A Sex Symbol, Sharon Stone Now Reveals Shocking Truths About Her Dating Life

Once a sex symbol, Sharon Stone's dating life in her 60s reveals the struggles of finding love as an older woman in a world obsessed with youth and ruled by double standards.

What Megan Fox Wants You To Know About Her Romance With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox has always been the object of intense, undeserved criticism. When she moved on from longtime partner Brian Austin Green with Machine Gun Kelly, things were no different. This is what she wants the world to know.

How Jenna Dewan’s Chance Encounter With Steve Kazee Led to Love… 7 Years Later

When Jenna Dewan divorced from Channing Tatum, she never expected that her second chance at love would be Steve Kazee, whom she met years ago.

Are You a Placeholder for Your Partner or Turning Yourself Into One?

If you're worried you might be a placeholder, it’s time to really look into your situation. Here are a few major warning signs you should pay attention to.

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