This Mom Knew She Wouldn’t Survive Until Her Children’s Big Life Events So She...

A tear-jerker of a Humans of New York post has gone viral, sharing the story of a dying mother's last words of...

After Giving Birth, She Lost Nearly 250 Pounds So She Could Be A Better...

Sofia Wyszynski ate her way through her grief and her weight quickly spun out of control, up until she gave birth to her son.
Happy Mothers' Day - Thank You Momvideo

Mothers’ Day: Thank You Mom

Mothers' Day - Thank You Mom To all the incredible women who believed in us from the day we were born, and who inspire us every day...
Courteney Cox Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid Prove There Are No Set Rules in Love

Courteney Cox (Monica from Friends) hasn't been the luckiest in love but her relationship with Johnny McDaid defies expectations.
Women hugging

6 Meaningful Ways to Express Gratitude for the Women in Your Life

Though romantic love is undeniably fulfilling, if you ask most women, their true soulmates are their best friends. Or their mom. Or...

The Truth About Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s Rebellious Sister

Queen Elizabeth's younger and only sister, Margaret, is often known as the “rebellious” one. How did the two reconcile their differences?

How Liv Tyler Figured Out Steven Tyler Was Her Biological Father

Liv and Steven Tyler are one of the most powerful father-daughter duos in entertainment. But for years, she had no idea he was her father.

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