Why Noah Cyrus Says It’s “Unbearable” To be Miley’s Sister

Noah Cyrus reveals the hardships of growing up alongside her sister Miley, and how their relationship survived the trials of fame.

Dad With Terminal Cancer Completes Ironman Race To Inspire 5-Year-Old Daughter

Most parents facing a premature death fret over funeral arrangements and wills. One father with that fate instead gave his family a...

Here’s The Best Thing We Can Do For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan have been the focus of a unique brand of rebellion-inspired fascination—But here's why I don't believe in it.

A 26-Year-Old Woman Adopts 14 Homeless Children She Met While Volunteering

When most people undertake a gap year abroad, they expect a wealth of life-changing experiences, friends, and work opportunities. However, rarely do...

Police Officer Adopts Abused Toddler After Rescuing Her From Unsafe Home

A single moment has the power to change your life forever. It might be quick or short or unexpected, but after that...

Amazing Restaurant Owners Drive 500 Miles To Grant Customer’s Last Wish

Two amazing restaurant owners in Baltimore went to unbelievable lengths to grant one customer's dying wish. Her bucket list broccoli

How to Survive the Holiday Season If You’re Alone

I grew up loving Christmas. The holidays are the single greatest time of the entire year in my eyes and always will be. But when...

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