Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy

Why Eddie Murphy’s Movie is Dedicated to His Brother Charlie

Eddie Murphy's new movie Dolemite is my Name features a dedication to his older brother Charlie. What legacy did Charlie leave behind for his brother?

Joaquin Phoenix Forged His Own Legacy in the Shadow of River’s Death

Joaquin Phoenix lost his older brother River at a young age, greatly impacting both his life and his acting career, but he found a way to grow on his own.
After the Hurricane: 6 Things You Can Do to Help Your Loved Ones

After the Hurricane: 6 Things You Can Do to Help Your Loved Ones

The force of nature at its greatest can be a terrifying thing to experience. In the face of hurricanes and natural disasters like Irma,...

John Legend: My Mother Disappeared Into Depression

John Legend -Give It Your All John Legend speaks about the pain that caused him to be stoic and how he overcame fear in order...

Hey Dave? My sister is a bully who jumps over tables in anger…

Hey Dave? is an advice column. That’s a picture of me, hard at work solving the world’s personal problems. Dave is my real name,...
How to Avoid the Perils of Caregiver Burnour (and Why You Must)

How to Avoid the Perils of Caregiver Burnout (and Why You Must)

A great number of Americans end up as caregivers for their loved ones. This can happen quickly or slowly, overnight or over years with...

The Life-Changing Breakthrough I Had When I Finally Confronted My Father

Harv Eker, the bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, had become an accomplished coach and teacher to countless entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals. ...

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