Hey Dave? My sister is a bully who jumps over tables in anger…

Hey Dave? is an advice column. That’s a picture of me, hard at work solving the world’s personal problems. Dave is my real name,...

Denzel Washington’s Broken Childhood Taught Him Not To Make The Same Mistakes Again

Denzel Washington wouldn't be the world renowned actor he is today if it were not for his upbringing. Despite his parents' divorce, he credits a lot of his success to his unstable childhood.
Mariah Carey

How Mariah Carey Got Past A Toxic Relationship With Her Jealous Mother

In her memoir, Mariah Carey reveals the difficult relationship she had with a mother who was jealous of her and how she overcame its effects.

What Jennifer Aniston Learned From Her Toxic Relationship With Her Dad

Jennifer Aniston is Hollywood royalty. Her career has spun three decades and she shot to fame playing the beloved Rachel Green in...

Dad of the Year Books Seat on All 6 of Flight Attendant Daughter’s Scheduled...

Christmas is a day best spent with those you love, but sometimes life and work does get in the way and you are forced...

Single Dad Adopts Five Siblings Because He Couldn’t Bear To See Them Separated

As someone who had been separated from his own siblings in foster care, Robert Carter knew he could not let that be the fate of his foster children. So he adopted all 5 siblings to make sure they would not live through the pain of separation.

Michael Jordan’s Children Reveal He’s Not The Father We Expect Him To Be

Basketball legend Michael Jordan is a source of inspiration for millions, yet the situation isn’t the same with his own children.

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