Joaquin Phoenix Forged His Own Legacy in the Shadow of River’s Death

Joaquin Phoenix lost his older brother River at a young age, greatly impacting both his life and his acting career, but he found a way to grow on his own.
Person in window

My Dad’s Abuse Haunted My Relationships — Until I Learned How to Banish It

I had great friends, a pretty functional life, and was a fairly well-adjusted person, but my romantic relationships were undeniably hurt by my dad's abuse.
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20 Quotes About Brothers to Celebrate Your Favorite Sibling

When you have a brother, you know someone will always have your back. Here are 20 quotes about brothers to celebrate your favorite sibling.
Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn and Oliver and Kate Hudson

Why Kurt Russell Stepped up for Oliver and Kate Hudson When Goldie Hawn’s Ex...

When Kurt Russell fell for Goldie Hawn, he was ready to step up and be a dad to her kids Oliver and Kate Hudson when their dad wasn't around.
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20 Quotes About Sisters to Celebrate Your Extraordinary Bond

There are sisters by blood and then there are soul sisters. We’ve wrapped up this list of sisters quotes to help you...
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Can Your Relationship Survive Living With Your In-Laws?

Since I’ve had the “chance” to witness two solid marriages fall apart after those couples moved in with their in-laws, I promised...
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25 Inspiring Quotes About Sons That You’ll Love

While there is lots of conflicting information about the methods we should use in raising our sons, the ultimate goal is the...

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