The Truth Behind Kobe Bryant’s Troubled Relationship With His Parents

Kobe Bryant's relationship with his parents made many headlines. Here’s what we can learn from Kobe’s troubled relationship with his them.

Widowed Dad Raises 8 Kids Following 15 Rules Late Wife Left For Him

A dying mother's love list gives her grieving husband courage and her family values to live by.

Who Are Zendaya’s Parents And Why Did She Have To Defend Them To The...

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After Giving Birth, She Lost Nearly 250 Pounds So She Could Be A Better...

Sofia Wyszynski ate her way through her grief and her weight quickly spun out of control, up until she gave birth to her son.

Why Carrie Underwood’s Fertility Struggles Had People Talking—For The Wrong Reasons

After three miscarriages, Carrie Underwood understandably felt that at 35, her chances of getting pregnant were limited. But when she expressed her feelings, people had much to say about it.
Mariah Carey

How Mariah Carey Got Past A Toxic Relationship With Her Jealous Mother

In her memoir, Mariah Carey reveals the difficult relationship she had with a mother who was jealous of her and how she overcame its effects.

Steve Jobs’ Daughter Is Nothing Like Him – And He’d Be So Proud Of...

Eve Jobs, the 22-year-old youngest daughter of late Apple founder Steve Jobs is a shining star. She's one of the world's best...

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