10 Years After Her Death, Amy Winehouse’s Best Friend Sets The Record Straight

Ten years after Amy Winehouse's tragic demise, her best friend comes forward with the shocking truth about her legacy.

The Truth Behind Katy Perry’s Surprising But “Close” Relationship With Miranda Kerr

Katy Perry admits that dealing with her fiancé's ex-wife was no easy feat. She had to teach herself not to be toxic.

TikTok Prankster Unexpectedly Befriends Homeless Man, Helps Him Get Out Of Debt

What started as a dare sent a TikToker on a collision course to changing a perfect stranger's life and showing the power...

Bystander Pretends To Be Woman’s BF To Save Her From Three Potential Attackers

One unintended hero's tweets went viral when he shared a frightening experience that exposed him to the everyday dangers women face.

Behind Justin Bieber’s ‘Protective’ Relationship With Billie Eilish

Justin Bieber has been a driving inspiration for Billie Eilish, who had massive crush on him growing up. What was it like to finally meet her idol?

The Weeknd Never Forgot The Friends Who Were There When He Was Homeless

With over 100 awards, 3 billion streams and title of Superbowl headliner under his belt, The Weeknd is an undisputed musical force....
Ian Somerhalder wife

How Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Went From Friendship To Love

April 2021 marks Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s sixth wedding anniversary. The couple has enjoyed a drama-free union (they swear they never...

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