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27 Sister Quotes That Prove Sisterhood Is More Than a Biological Bond

The strongest friendships turn into sisterhood. Here are 27 sister quotes that prove sisterhood is more than a biological bond.

How Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore Managed To Maintain A 30-Year Friendship

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore's friendship has not only defined the test of time, but also proves the power of authentic connections.

The 5 Types of People You Need to Avoid For A Better Life

No matter how good you are at judging characters, you may still stumble upon toxic people.Here are the 5 types of people you should avoid or cut ties with.

Why Ambivalent Relationships Are More Dangerous Than They Seem

Experiencing opposing emotions toward a person can be even more draining and toxic. Here's all you need to know about ambivalent relationships.

Meryl Streep Saved Carrie Fisher By Embracing Her Flaws

Carrie Fisher and Meryl Streep came from two completely different backgrounds but that did not stop them from becoming friends and supporting each other.

Martha Stewart’s Unlikely Best Friend Snoop Dogg Broke All the Rules

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, who now share a cooking show, became best friends against all odds and charmed the world with their friendship.
Best friends married

It Took These Best Friends 50 Years to Realize They’re in Love

They stayed best friends for nearly five decades until they realized they were ready to take the step into love-- and marriage.

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