How to Tell Someone Is Toxic In the First 5 Minutes Of Meeting Them

Have you ever had a toxic person in your life? How much damage did they cause to you and your loved ones? What if you could...

Why Ambivalent Relationships Are More Dangerous Than They Seem

Experiencing opposing emotions toward a person can be even more draining and toxic. Here's all you need to know about ambivalent relationships.

30 Best Friend Quotes That Show the True Meaning of Friendship

A best friend is a privilege and one of life’s greatest gifts. True friends are rare and they should be cherished.

Lady Gaga Reveals How Bradley Cooper Helped Her Become More Present, Inspires Us to...

Sometimes, no matter how famous and successful we are, we need a reminder to take a moment to be present and appreciate...
Woman and man hugging

How I’m Cultivating Intimacy Outside of Romance

Romance is the most obvious source of intimacy, but it's not the only one. Here's how to cultivate intimacy minus the romance.

The Ultimate Guide to Meaningful Stocking Stuffers That You Can Buy on Amazon

Though they may feel like a second thought, stocking stuffers are the simplest gifts to shop for -- and not only that, but a...
Relationship-stacking: The 10-minute daily habit for growing your networks

Relationship-Stacking: A 10-Minute Daily Habit for Growing Your Networks

You’re not going to make it very far in life without the right people around you. As much as we tell ourselves that our achievements...

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