6 Ways to Support a Friend Living With Mental Illness

As much as we may want to "rescue" or be a savior for someone when they seem to be suffering, trying to wrestle control...

The Moment Kate Knew She Was Going To Be Leo’s Friend For Life

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: No One Can Do It Alonevideo

Arnold Schwarzenegger: No One Can Do It Alone

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Together Arnold Schwarzenegger says the idea of the self-made man is a myth, and that we must all help each other, because...

4 Non-Threatening Ways to Mend a Broken Adult Friendship

Friendships that unravel as adults can be complicated to mend. Friendship can waver from distance, lack of effort, or an act that...

The Truth Behind Katy Perry’s Surprising But “Close” Relationship With Miranda Kerr

Katy Perry admits that dealing with her fiancé's ex-wife was no easy feat. She had to teach herself not to be toxic.

6 Types Of People You Need to Surround Yourself With in Life

Success and happiness comes from within, but it's also very much about the people we choose to have around us. And while toxic people can...

Why Ambivalent Relationships Are More Dangerous Than They Seem

Experiencing opposing emotions toward a person can be even more draining and toxic. Here's all you need to know about ambivalent relationships.

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