Woman Raised In Racist Household Braved Everything For The Love Of Her Life

Despite the fact that interracial relationships are not as outrageous as they used to be, the fact remains that there are still...

Your Soulmate Will Destroy ‘You’ – Here’s Why

What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with. ―   Robert Brault What is a soulmate? When you...

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Her Biggest Regret In Her Marriage

Jada Pinkett Smith's marriage to Will hasn't always been easy. The couple actually faced a major difficulty at the onset of their relationship.

How Kevin Hart Earned His Second Chance With Eniko Parrish After Cheating

Kevin Hart's marriage with Eniko Parrish was tested when news of his cheating were spread all over the world. How did Eniko forgive him and what did Kevin do to deserve it?

5 Little Ways to Express Gratitude in a Long-Term Relationship

Once you’re in a relationship with someone long enough, it’s easy to get so used to their company that, sometimes you just don’t notice...

Why John Cena’s Marriage With Shay Shariatzadeh Has People Talking

John Cena's marriage with Shay Shariatzadeh took people by surprise but also prompted a discussion about marriage, especially in light of his breakup with Nikki Bella. Here's what we can learn from John Cena's sudden leap of faith.
Marriage story appreciation deficit disorder

Is Appreciation Deficit Disorder Ruining Your Relationship?

What is appreciation deficit disorder? Here's how you can recognize this relationship problem and address it with your partner.

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