Woman Finds Love With Stranger Who Donated Half His Liver To Save Her Life

Organ donors give the gift of life, and they do so selflessly, often not knowing anything about the recipient.

The Weeknd Never Forgot The Friends Who Were There When He Was Homeless

With over 100 awards, 3 billion streams and title of Superbowl headliner under his belt, The Weeknd is an undisputed musical force....
Ian Somerhalder wife

How Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Went From Friendship To Love

April 2021 marks Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s sixth wedding anniversary. The couple has enjoyed a drama-free union (they swear they never...

Behind The Weeknd’s Unexpected Friendship With Jim Carrey

The Weeknd and Jim Carrey are two people who had seemingly nothing in common. Yet, somehow they ended up in each others’ paths.

The Real Reason Why Zendaya Is Staying Away From Relationships

Zendaya herself is adamant about what she wants to prioritize in the coming years and this is why relationships don't figure there.

Anonymous Donor Surprises Single, Widowed Dad Of 7 With $10,000 Gift

One anonymous act of kindness created an unforgettable moment for a widowed dad. From garage to grief

How Heidi Klum Dealt With A Difficult Divorce By Putting Her Children First

Heidi Klum's divorce from Seal came as a shock and it certainly was not easy for the supermodel, especially when children are involved.

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