When Luke Bryan’s Sister Died, He Adopted Her Orphaned Children

Country star Luke Bryan stepped up in a major way after the death of his sister and brother-in-law, adopting their three children as his own.
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This Dad’s Letter To His “Childless Self” is a Vital Lesson to All Parents

After the birth of his third child, this dad looked back on his "childless" days with a powerful letter sharing his learnings.
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How Emma Stone’s Mom Turned Her Daughter’s Crippling Anxiety Into Her Superpower

As a child, Emma Stone's anxiety threatened to crippe her. Thankfully, her mom Krista stepped up and helped Emma get a handle on her fears.
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When 10 Families Rejected This Sick Baby Girl, This Couple Stepped up to Adopt...

When baby Olivia was born with HIV, 10 families refused to adopt her due to her sickness. One couple stepped up and adopted Olivia into their happy home.

What Will Smith Learned From His Mistakes in Raising Eldest Son Trey

Will Smith is known for his close relationship with his kids Jaden and Willow, but his first son, Trey, has a different bond with him.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Saved Their Relationship by Getting Divorced

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married for 13 years, but a successful divorce turned their broken relationship into a powerful friendship.
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Here’s What It’s Really Like Being a Single Mom in 2019

There's a lot that gets misunderstood about the reality of being a single mom. Here's what single motherhood is like in 2019.

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