Young Man Saves Girl From Attempted Kidnapping At Restaurant

In early 2020, Cody Byrd, a North Carolina A&T University graduate student studying computer science, was at a Greensboro area Biscuitville, when he noticed something strange. His decision to trust his instincts potentially saved a little girl's life.

Luke Bryan And Caroline Boyer’s Imperfect Relationship Is As Real As It Gets

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer have been married for nearly 15 years, but although their love story may appear to be picture-perfect, it’s been anything but. The truth is that the couple’s relationship is as real as it gets, which makes it all the more inspiring.

Father Adopts ‘Feral Child’ Who Was Locked In Tiny Room For The First 6...

When Bernie Lierow and his then wife Dianne saw Dani's picture at an adoption event, they knew they had to become her parents even if her story was nothing short of tragic.

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