Happy Children Have Parents Who Do These 5 Things

As a parent, I know that my child’s happiness depends largely on me. And that’s great, because if anyone’s able and willing to do the...

When Luke Bryan’s Sister Died, He Adopted Her Orphaned Children

Country star Luke Bryan stepped up in a major way after the death of his sister and brother-in-law, adopting their three children as his own.

Man Who Grew Up Without Dad Supports Millions Of Fatherless People With ‘Dadvice’

Sometimes, we learn by example. We see a parent or inspiring teacher do something and it motivates us to follow suit in...

Woman Finds Missing Child Using Tik Tok Hack All Parents Need To Know

One mother's frightening ordeal revealed a potentially life-saving tip. Every mother's worst nightmare A woman...

Simon T. Bailey | How to Be the Best Parent

Simon T. Bailey - Invest in Love Simon T. Bailey’s life was thrown into a tailspin when his daughter muttered these 5 words: “I’ll just...

Alicia Keys’ Controversial Marriage With Swizz Beatz Hides An Inspiring Truth

When Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz got together, their relationship got a lot of backlash as the former was considered to be the "other woman." Behind the scandalous noise, the reality is much less controversial.

Single Man Finds New Lease On Life By Adopting Neglected Six-Year-Old

Sometimes our best-laid plans are not meant to be. John had been in a long-term relationship. He had even bought a house...

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