Police Officer Adopts Newborn Baby of Homeless Woman Battling Drug Addiction

Being a police officer is an incredibly hard job, but also a rewarding one. Sometimes though, it’s rewarding in surprising ways, like in the...

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Are the Ultimate Unconventional Couple

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have been together for nearly two decades and all along the way, they’ve played by their own rules. Their love story includes at least two breakups, a decision to totally avoid marriage, and not one but two top-secret pregnancies.

Why Lily-Rose Depp Feels The Same As Her Dad About What Matters Most In...

Many people go into acting or show business because they want attention and fans, but for others, it’s simply about the craft...

Rude Client Rejects Single Dad For Bringing Daughter To Work, Community Has Best Response

One father's rude run-in with a close-minded client got an unexpected reaction while shedding light on the struggles of single parenthood.
Princess (Lady) Diana - bulimia depressionvideo

Lady Diana: We Must Teach Our Children Their Worth

Lady Diana - Care For Others The late Princess Diana opens up about her experience with depression and bulimia, and urges us to care for...

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Saved Their Relationship by Getting Divorced

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married for 13 years, but a successful divorce turned their broken relationship into a powerful friendship.

Young Man Saves Girl From Attempted Kidnapping At Restaurant

In early 2020, Cody Byrd, a North Carolina A&T University graduate student studying computer science, was at a Greensboro area Biscuitville, when he noticed something strange. His decision to trust his instincts potentially saved a little girl's life.

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