Emma Stone and Mom Krista

How Emma Stone’s Mom Turned Her Daughter’s Crippling Anxiety Into Her Superpower

As a child, Emma Stone's anxiety threatened to crippe her. Thankfully, her mom Krista stepped up and helped Emma get a handle on her fears.
Ben Stiller and Wife Christine Taylor

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Prove That Divorce Doesn’t Have To Mean the End...

Work brought Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor together. The couple's enduring love persists, even after a separation.

Here Are 5 Questions You Can Ask Yourself To Know If You’re Ready For...

Making the decision to have children is no small move. That's why it's important to make sure that it comes from the right place.
How to Connect With Your Kids

Entrepreneurial Children Have Parents Who Do These 11 Things

When you see successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Sara Blakely and Richard Branson you have to wonder: What kind of magician conjured these amazing...

What Will Smith Learned From His Mistakes in Raising Eldest Son Trey

Will Smith is known for his close relationship with his kids Jaden and Willow, but his first son, Trey, has a different bond with him.

How Liv Tyler Figured Out Steven Tyler Was Her Biological Father

Liv and Steven Tyler are one of the most powerful father-daughter duos in entertainment. But for years, she had no idea he was her father.

Carrie Underwood Has A Powerful Message For Parents And Couples Facing Uncertainty

Country singer Carrie Underwood usually spends a lot of time on the road performing in front of thousands of people. She doesn't...

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