Adele Husband

Adele Had To Pay Her Ex-Husband Millions, But Here’s Why They Still Live On...

Adele finally reached a divorce settlement with her ex-husband Simon Konecki. Yet, the two continue to live on the same street.

School Resource Officer Adopts Student After He Went Missing For 2 Months

Ryan Patton went from single man to father of 2 after he met Brad, a troubled student who had been missing from school for 2 months. He then decided he would become his father.

The Secret to Raising a Child Who Isn’t Materialistic

You always hear about the prevalence of materialism in modern society. It’s a thing and we all know about it. But with so many differing...

Police Officer Adopts Newborn Baby of Homeless Woman Battling Drug Addiction

Being a police officer is an incredibly hard job, but also a rewarding one. Sometimes though, it’s rewarding in surprising ways, like in the...

Hugh Jackman’s Surprising Father’s Day Wish Shows Us What All Dads Really Want

Handsome and humble, there’s a reason so many fans are starry-eyed over the one and only Hugh Jackman. This Australian-born actor, singer,...

Children Who Bully Are Likely To Have Parents Who Do These Things

Understanding why children bully can help decrease the chances of your child becoming one. Here's why some parents unwillingly encourage bullying.

Cameron Diaz Reveals The Powerful Truth About Having A Child In Her 40s

Cameron Diaz welcomed her baby daughter back in December 2019 at the age of 47, which is an unconventional age to be pregnant. Here's what the actress has to reveal about her journey towards parenthood.

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