Are you in energetic alignment with your goals?

Are You in Energetic Alignment With Your Goals?

A lot of us at times set ourselves goals that seem “cool” at the time, perhaps because our bestie or someone we admire is doing it, only...

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Put the Damn Phone Down

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Take a Stand Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie points out the fact that too much social media is not healthy and that it...
Man speaking into microphone

My Journey From Panic to Public Speaking

When even the smallest interactions and everyday challenges trigger extreme anxiety, you can begin to lose hope, but public speaking was my future.

Simon Sinek: Two Ways To See The World

Simon Sinek - Go After Whatever You Want Simon Sinek shares a personal story about going for what you want and putting aside the excuses...
Beware the Self-Help Gurus Who Don't Practice What They Preach

Beware the Guru Who Doesn’t Practice What They Preach

In India, when a family encounters a problem regarding the behavior of their children, they don't consult a psychotherapist or a doctor. They go straight...

Hero of the Week: David Attenborough Dedicates His Last Years to Saving the Planet

An icon across four generations, he’s the voice that everyone instantly recognizes: David Attenborough has delighted, entertained, educated and inspired countless people...
how emotional intelligence is essential to your success

4 Ways Emotional Intelligence Is Essential to Your Success

Do you experience feelings that flow? Or do you find yourself riding the rollercoaster of your own emotions? One moment you’re laughing your lungs...

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