Inspiring Woman Loses 133 Pounds by Turning Her Breakup Into a Breakthrough

Kristen McLaughlin lost 133 pounds when the end of her 5-year-relationship gave her the “clean slate” she needed to jumpstart her weight...

This Woman Lost 178 Pounds by Prioritizing Self-Care

After fainting while helping a patient at work, Katrina Rigden, a physician’s assistant, knew it was time to do something about her...

6 Meal Prep Tips to Make Healthy Eating Easier and More Convenient

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can’t ever seem to get a break. However, I’ve found that one thing always seems to...

She Lost Over 100 Pounds by Making This Promise to Herself

Kristen Schneider transformed herself-- and her life-- by making good on a promise to herself. She changed her habits to get the life she wanted.
8 Caffeine-Free Tips for Beating the Afternoon Slump

8 Caffeine-Free Tips to Beat the Afternoon Slump

There's something about the hours that follow lunch. Many people feel an extreme fatigue set in, and the hours between 2pm and 5pm can...
Richard James adair jr

Motivated and Inspired By His Wife, This Man Lost 100 Pounds

Richard James Adair Jr struggled to take charge of his health until his wife's transformation inspired him to make a change.

Determined Man Loses 331 Pounds to Save His Heart After Health Scare

A health scare in 2016 inspired Mike Castadena to not only lose weight, but to get healthy mentally and physically too.

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