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These Are the Two Types of Forgiveness You Need to Move on

Breakups rarely go smoothly. There’s pain and grief on both sides. To move on from heartbreak, two types of forgiveness are needed.

6 Surprising Benefits of Laughter, the Timeless Cure-All

Laughter transcends all the crap that we, human inhabitants of the earth, must endure by virtue of, well, being human. Indeed, a...

Try This Simple 3-Step Trick the Next Time Someone Frustrates or Annoys You

Sometimes, people just frustrate us. Whether it’s your brother, sister, mother, father, partner, coworker, boss, or someone else altogether, as creatures who depend on our...

Learn Quick and Easy Ways to Reduce Stress This New Year

Since humanity has succeeded in outsmarting panthers and aliens have (as far as we can tell) not discovered us yet, stress is still the biggest threat to our survival. The dangers of stressing out all the time are too many to list: it wrecks our heart, impairs our nervous system, damages our concentration and sleep cycle, and on and on and on. And the worst part is, there’s no one-size fits all cure. Stress is different for everyone, and everyone has to figure out their own solutions. That is, until the Stress Management Course.

According to Bill Gates, This Book Will Teach You to Stop Worrying and Start...

Whether it’s about dating, children, our jobs, or our debt, we’re always worrying. And that’s incredibly, well, human. “The human mind wants to worry,” writes...
Guy Winch, Emotional First Aid: Why Even Stupid Rejections Smart a Lot

Emotional Wounds: Why Even Stupid Rejections Smart a Lot

The following is a Goalcast exclusive excerpt from Guy Winch's Emotional First Aid: Healing, Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts, now available on...
3 Stages to Learning Mindfulness and Gaining Control of Your Emotions

3 Stages to Learning Mindfulness and Gaining Control of Your Emotions

For some people, life is a joyous adventure, while for others it's full of stress and disappointment. The difference between these people is often...

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