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Female Entrepreneurs

4 Female Entrepreneurs on Their Mantras for Dealing With Stress

No matter what industry you’ve built your career in, or what level on the corporate (or start-up) ladder you’re currently working on,...
Couple hugging

These Are the Two Types of Forgiveness You Need to Move on

Breakups rarely go smoothly. There’s pain and grief on both sides. To move on from heartbreak, two types of forgiveness are needed.

5 Ways Your Pet is Your Secret Weapon for Health and Happiness

Having a pet can be a game-changing, life-altering way to shift your habits and perceptions in a positive direction and put your...
Man grieving crying

The 5 Stages of Grieving Your Past Self — so You Can Move Forward

When you go through a big change, you can feel like a new person, but grieving your past self is a big part of moving forward.

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