30 Yoga Poses for Optimal Physical and Mental Performance

with additions by MJ Kelly Over the past decade, yoga has taken the western world by storm. And it’s not surprising: Yoga– partly because it’s a...

She Lost 100 Pounds in One Year by Discovering Her Willpower

After losing 30 pounds, Jenny was able to conceive and gave birth to her daughter. The problem was, she wasn’t able to lose the baby weight.
Keep Moving: Creative Ideas for Staying Active This Summer

Keep Moving: 5 Creative Ideas to Get You Active This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the weather, and be more active in general. Who can resist the allure of...

19 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Weight Loss

No matter what time of year it is, there’s always a reason to drop a few pounds. Sometimes, we let ourselves go a little too...
3 Reasons Regular Exercise Is Vital to Your Success

3 Reasons Why Regular Exercise is Vital to Your Success

When was the last time you had an incredible workout?  You know, the kind that leaves you feeling energized and unstoppable. Anyone that has experienced...

How One Woman Lost 145 Pounds After Walking Away From An Unhealthy Relationship

Jade Socoby resigned herself to a life of unhappiness -- until she finally decided to walk away from what wasn’t serving her anymore. Trapped in...
The Science Behind Why Yoga Makes You Feel Amazing

The Science Behind Why Yoga Makes You Feel Amazing

Stress seems to be the one thing uniting everyone in this day and age. However, if there is one way we can combat the...

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