2 Powerful Habits that Will Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs and Change Your Life

What’s something you believe to be absolutely 100% true?  Think of something right now that you believe to be irrefutably true about the world,...
Fairy Tales Article

The Dark, Hidden Truths in Fairy Tales and What We Can Learn From Them

Fairy tales are universal but while they communicate great lessons and morals, they also hide much darker truths about the human condition.

After A Humiliating Experience, She Lost 350 Pounds And Defied All Her Bullies

Jacqueline Adan knew she had to make a major change after an embarrassing moment at an amusement park. Since then, she lost 350 lbs and dedicates her life to inspiring others on their journeys.
How moments of adversity are your greatest opportunities 3

How Moments of Adversity Are Your Greatest Opportunities

What if I told you that your most challenging moments in life were actually your greatest opportunities to learn and grow as a person? And what if I...
To the Misunderstood: Look Inside, and Face Your Truth With Optimism

To the Misunderstood: Look Within, and Face Your Truth with Optimism

Have you ever felt misunderstood? So much so that you feel people in your life avoid you like a contagious virus? Been there, noticed...
Georges St-Pierre training in ring with gloves epic

Dealing with Bullying, the Georges St-Pierre way

Georges St-Pierre, the former UFC Welterweight Champion, is a role model to many. When you see his fights, it is hard to imagine that...

Cameron Diaz Reveals The Powerful Truth About Having A Child In Her 40s

Cameron Diaz welcomed her baby daughter back in December 2019 at the age of 47, which is an unconventional age to be pregnant. Here's what the actress has to reveal about her journey towards parenthood.

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