After Years Of Neglecting Her Health, She Took Charge and Lost 150 Pounds

Adry Bella battled food addiction and struggled with her weight for years until one day in 2012, when she knew something had to change.

Mother Quits Destructive Habits and Loses 129 Lbs After Powerful Wake-up Call

Kassidy Riekens topped the scales at 260 lbs after giving birth, leading her to overhaul her lifestyle by getting sober and healthy.

What My Grandmother’s Piano Taught Me About Life — and Death

Life is grand -- rich and monumental, not unlike a grand piano. It inevitably uses gravity to return finally return us to...

Highly Mindful People Do These 5 Little Things Differently

Before discovering mindfulness, I had a problem with anxiety and was under some pretty heavy stress in virtually all areas of my life. My first...
Pharrell Williams: Switch the Word Failure for Lessonvideo

Pharrell Williams: Switch the Word Failure For Lesson

Pharrell Williams - Change Your Perspective Pharrell Williams talks about the importance of caring for yourself first, and about removing the word failure from your...
Mind the Comparison Trap: Why Life's Race is Only Against Yourself

Mind the Comparison Trap: Why Life’s Race Is Only Against Yourself

Social media can be a wonderful tool for staying connected. It allows you to catch up with old friends and make new ones. However, it...

7 Scary Movies on Netflix for When You Need a Boost of Adrenaline

Nothing offers a boost of adrenaline like a great scary movie. However, if you’re like me, you’re not too keen on watching horror just for...

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