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23 Quotes on Getting Older and Keeping Your Spirit Young

Sometimes we stop doing what makes us happy because other people tell us it’s childish. Here are 23 quotes on getting older and keeping your spirit young.
Woman in rain

Cold Shower: How Complaining Made My Life Miserable (and How I Stopped)

Certain life events can completely change you without even realizing it. For two years, my complaining ruined any chance I had at happiness.
couple smiling at dinner

What Happened When I Stopped Checking My Email at Night?

At sunset, in Copenhagen, my partner and I shared the uncomfortable silence. I had broken one of our cardinal rules for meals by looking at my phone — and worse, checking my email..
Albert Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue

Einstein Didn’t Say That: Why the Genius is Misquoted So Much

Albert Einstein was an indisputable genius of physics. He has said many great and eminently quotable things, so why has he been so widely misquoted?
Jason Momoa

When “Dad Bods” Bite Back: The Trap of Male Body-Shaming

When we consider body-shaming, it’s easy to get an image in our mind of a woman being attacked for her weight, how...

Your Imagination Isn’t a Waste of Time — It’s a Secret Weapon

Mental visualization is an understated habit of the successful. According to Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited....

5 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior Now so You Can Thrive

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Our inner voice often tells us we’re not good enough and we believe it....

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