3 Ways to Find Value in Every Moment of Your Daily Life

Sometimes, daily life is so chaotic that an entire day passes without us ever remembering what we did that day. Okay, maybe it happens a...

Mindset Motivation: Why Embracing Your Challenges Will Intensify Your Mental Strength

Our mindset can be our greatest ally or a dangerous enemy. We spend so much time locked inside our heads that, if we don’t...

25 Self-Care Quotes That Will Encourage You To Treat Yourself Better

Everything needs tending to in order to function properly, and that includes you as well. Here are 25 self-care quotes that will encourage you to treat yourself better.
How moments of adversity are your greatest opportunities 3

How Moments of Adversity Are Your Greatest Opportunities

What if I told you that your most challenging moments in life were actually your greatest opportunities to learn and grow as a person? And what if I...

What My Grandmother’s Piano Taught Me About Life — and Death

Life is grand -- rich and monumental, not unlike a grand piano. It inevitably uses gravity to return finally return us to...

Jennifer Aniston – Living In The Present

Jeniffer Aniston - A Feeling Of Total Peace Famous Actress Jennifer Aniston and her personal way to live the present in peace. Transcript: "I'm feeling a feeling...
Space couple

How I Conquered Social Anxiety by Assuming Positive Intent

When social anxiety becomes overwhelming or even debilitating, one strategy for conquering it can be to always assume positive intent.

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