25 Self-Care Quotes That Will Encourage You To Treat Yourself Better

Everything needs tending to in order to function properly, and that includes you as well. Here are 25 self-care quotes that will encourage you to treat yourself better.

How to Feel Better About Yourself And Your Life

We often tend to question the “good” and “bad” things that happen in our lives. We wonder “What did I do to deserve this?”...

We Must Cherish the Treasure Within Us All

You know what's really tough? Loving people for who they are. Not for who we want them to be. Not for who we think...
Pay Attention! It Will Drastically Improve Your Life (and Here's How)

Pay Attention! You Will Drastically Improve Your Life (and Here’s How)

In the era when the internet and hi-tech devices take up most of our time, it is getting more important than ever to pay...

Top 3 Life Lessons from the Dalai Lama (Including an Unexpected Tip on Prioritizing)

Ever since he was a little boy, the Dalai Lama has had big shoes to fill. As the heir to the spiritual title of Dalai...

How to Turn the Darkest Aspects of Your Personality Into an Advantage

Perhaps you have a fiery temper. Or you’re secretly so competitive that you enjoy when other’s careers are damaged. Maybe you believe you’re worthless, of no...

7 Scary Movies on Netflix for When You Need a Boost of Adrenaline

Nothing offers a boost of adrenaline like a great scary movie. However, if you’re like me, you’re not too keen on watching horror just for...

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