Richard Dawkins: We Are The Lucky Ones

Richard Dawkins - We Are The Lucky Ones Video "We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones." - Richard Dawkins

Aron Ralston – Be Grateful

Transcript: "Well, I decided much earlier, even within the first hour of entrapment that I would have to cut my arm off, except I couldn't...

Ellen – Life Is Precious (Inspirational Video)

Inspiring story from Ellen Degeneres. She lost her girlfriend at an early age and explains how she overcame this tragedy and discovered how precious...
don't be afraid to make mistakes

How to Overcome Your Fears

How can you overcome your fears? It’s a question we all ask at certain times. Is there some magic pill out there to help us transform...
Georges St-Pierre training in ring with gloves epic

Dealing with Bullying, the Georges St-Pierre way

Georges St-Pierre, the former UFC Welterweight Champion, is a role model to many. When you see his fights, it is hard to imagine that...

Positivity Is Totally Badass

You’re thinking of trying something new. You might want to take a new step in your life. You aspire to achieve a specific goal...

The Mindset of Successful People

We are all looking for success in our lives, whether we want to develop a passion, be more social or get to our dream...

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