morning routine ideas

A Guide To Creating the Perfect Morning Routine for You

We’re all familiar with the idea of starting the day off on the right foot—but what does that really mean? To some,...
how to get out of debt

How to Get Out of Debt: A Comprehensive Guide

To say that Americans are overwhelmed with debt is a vast understatement. Old, young, rich, or poor, many of us find ourselves...

Decision Making: How To Make Impactful Decisions

Making decisions is an essential part of everyday life.  From major life choices to tiny, unconscious preferences, decision making...
fear of missing out

Analyzing FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Many overtired parents joke their kids have FOMO (fear of missing out) because their children refuse to go to bed—they want to...
sunk costs fallacy

The Sunk Cost Fallacy: Understanding Sunk Costs

Picture the scene: it’s a Wednesday night, it’s raining outside and you feel like you’re coming down with a cold. However, you’ve...
symptoms of loneliness

How to Deal With Loneliness, Inside and Out

There hasn’t been a test in a long time on our collective mental health and emotional stability quite like the one of...
what does depression feel like

Signs of Severe Depression to Be Aware Of

Would you know depression if you felt its symptoms?  What if your friend started showing signs? 

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