She Lost Over 100 Pounds by Making This Promise to Herself

Kristen Schneider transformed herself-- and her life-- by making good on a promise to herself. She changed her habits to get the life she wanted.
Mister Rogers

Who Was Mister Rogers Really When the Cameras Turned Off?

Mister Rogers inspired millions of children to be their best selves, but what was the famous TV host really like behind the scenes?
Meditation phone app

Are Meditation Apps Missing the Point of Mindfulness?

There are around 500 different types of app associated with mindfulness in Apple’s App Store alone, but are they missing the point?
Change couple in water

The 6 Stages of Change To Create the Life You Want

Meaningful change is intimidating. What happens when we realize jobs, relationships, or lives aren’t what we want in our heart of hearts?
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Has Moved Beyond Body Positivity– and You Should Too

During her first interview since her relapse, Demi Lovato opened up about strength, body acceptance and new projects for her fans that are yet to come.
Romar Lyle transformation

Man Loses 184 Pounds To Achieve His Dream of Being a Hero

Romar Lyle dreamed of being a police officer but felt he wasn’t fit to fill the role. That’s where his transformation journey began.
Emma Watson

What Emma Watson Really Means When She Says She’s “Self-Partnered”

Emma Watson caught the world's attention when she used the term "self-partnered" to describe her relationship status, but the fervor around her phrasing obscures the real value of what she was saying.

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